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What is it all about? [^]

Clonezilla-SysRescCD is a Linux multi boot backup/restore and rescue CD, combining Clonezilla Live and System Rescue CD in one CD. It is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Why one more Linux live CD? you might ask

Well, I started this project because I wanted to have a rescue CD that would be as self-contained as possible, using my favorite tools. My goals are to have:

Enhanced features [^]

Enhancements to Clonezilla Live

Other enhancements

Versions [^]

Release table
DateVersion Clonezilla Live VersionSystemRescueCD Version
15/09/ (mod)1.6.0
02/07/ (mod)1.0.4 (mod)
11/04/ (mod)1.0.1 (mod)
24/03/ (mod)1.0.0 (mod)
07/03/ (mod)1.0.0 (mod)
22/02/ (mod)0.4.3 (mod)
22/01/ (mod)0.4.3 (mod)
11/12/ (mod)0.4.2 (mod)
03/11/ (mod)0.4.1 (mod)
07/10/ (mod)0.4.0 (mod)
24/09/ (mod)0.3.8 (mod)
06/09/ (mod)0.3.8 (mod)
12/08/ (mod)0.3.7 (mod)

Changelog [^]

3.1.0CDClonezilla Live updated to version 1.2.5-35
SystemRescueCD updated to version 1.6.0
- Three Clonezilla-SysRescCD flavours are now available,
  one for each architecture (more information)
Super Grub Disk updated to version 0.9799
- Added Super Grub Disk 2 version 1.98s
Smart Boot Manager was added to the Tools section
- Added restorecd/ and docs/ to the squashfs file of Clonezilla distro.
  This way all items are always available (even when booting to RAM)
- Most operations are now executed through the TUI (Text User Interface)
- Major site and documentation update (thanks to Jyrki Vesterinen)
Package - Added auto mode (parameter -a) to script create-clonezilla-sysresccd
2.6.0CDClonezilla Live updated to version 1.1.0-8
SystemRescueCD updated to version 1.0.4
Super Grub Disk updated to version 0.9726
2.5.0CDClonezilla Live updated to version 1.0.10-8
SystemRescueCD updated to version 1.0.1
Super Grub Disk updated to version 0.9701
2.4.0CDClonezilla Live updated to version 1.0.9-19
2.3.0CDSystemRescueCD updated to version 1.0.0
- Added two command line parameters to ocs-iso, used in auto restore DVD
  mastering. More info: Working with a USB keyboard
Package - Fixed the create-clonezilla-sysresccd installation problem
  Thanks to Chris Rehder
2.2.0CDClonezilla Live updated to version 1.0.9-10
- Updated script reloc-img to support remote images (through samba and nfs)
Package - Added patch-clonezilla-sysresccd, a script that can be used to
  customize an existing Clonezilla-SysRescCD ISO file
  More info: Using patch-clonezilla-sysresccd
2.1.0CDSystemRescueCD updated to version 0.4.3
Super Grub Disk updated to version 0.9677
1.4.0CD - A script to help relocate a Clonezilla image file during restoration
  hase been added to Clonezilla Live. The script (called reloc-img) uses
  a curses like interface, which is similar to Clonezilla's interface

More info: Restoring to a different location
1.3.0CD - Changed the splash screen tool selection interface
  A navigation menu scheme has been adopted
- Removed ranish.img from the CD
  The Ranish Partition Manager has been integrated into FreeDos
  This is because of the fact that Ranish Partition Manager would not
  execute as a standalone floppy image
- Added Super Grub Disk to the available tools
  The floppy image provided by "Super Grub Disk" (english version)
  has been added to the source tarball
- Script continue-multi-cd (SysRescCD) updated to v 2.0.0
  Use "continue-multi-cd -h" to see the new interface
- Fixed a minor bug in script what-cd
Package - All the files needed for CD creation have been included in the
  source tarball. This way the user will only have to download the
  debian live ISO file, in order to create Clonezilla-SysRescCD.
  The debian live ISO file has not been included because of its size
  (~ 79 MB), which would make the source tarball too big.
  The files can be fount in /root/.clonezilla-sysresccd/files
- All cfg files have been moved to /root/.clonezilla-sysresccd/files
  If you are upgrading from a previous version, please delete/move
  these files, and adjust your configuration files (conf files)
- A new variable has been inserted to the configuration files (named
  DebianLiveFolder in clonezilla-sysresccd.conf and DebianLiveFolderP
  in profiles.conf). This variable should point to the folder where
  the debian live ISO has been saved. If you are upgrading from a
  previous version, please adjust your configuration files (conf files)
- Added support to script create-clonezilla-sysresccd for compressed
  (tar.gz) isolinux configuration files, in order to implement menus
1.2.0CD- Added script continue-multi-cd to SystemRescueCD
  This script makes it easy to continue a multi session CD
1.1.0CD- Minor changes (cfg files)
1.0.0- - Moved to version 1.0.0 in order to eliminate any missunderstanding about
  the development status of Clonezilla-SysRescCD
CD - Added the options -A and -W to script ocs-iso (Clonezilla Live).
       /opt/drbl/sbin/ocs-iso -A "ocs-rs command"
       /opt/drbl/sbin/ocs-iso -W "ocs-rs command" [image file]
  Both options set up the restore CD/DVD for automatic image restoration.
  The difference is that when using the -W option the image [image file] is
  appended in the ISO file (maximum 4.4BG). When -A is used, the image
  file will be appended to the CD/DVD, after the ISO file created by this
  command is burnt, using growisofs -M ... (maximum 8GB).
- Added the option -O to script ocs-iso (Clonezilla Live).
  Specifies the ISO file name to use when -A, -W options are used.
- Added the options -V and -P to script ocs-iso (Clonezilla Live).
  The user creating a restore CD/DVD can now specify its Volume ID and
  Publisher ID, respectively.
- Added the option -I to script ocs-iso (Clonezilla Live).
  Specifies the user selectable menu item title of the main screen of a
  restore CD/DVD. Applicable only with options -W and -A
- Added the script what-cd to sysresccd.
  This script will identify the CDs present on a pc, and report the
  device name of the writer (if any)
- Added a copy of the Clonezilla-SysRescCD site to the CD. In this way
  the documentation will be available at all times
Package - Added -x [script] option
  This way you can write a BASH script that will be executed just
  before mastering the "Clonezilla-SysRescCD"
0.2CD - clonezilla-sysresccd contains customized versions of the original CDs
  More info in page Custom CDs
Package - Fixed a bug that would appear when option -b would be used without any
  other options. Then create-clonezilla-sysresccd would not be able to get the
  ISO file name
0.1.1Package - Build system upgrade
      use ./configure to upgrade the program
      use ./configure --enable-fullInstall to install it
- Fixed a potential script installation bug
- Normal user can get help
- Minor changes
0.1- Initial release

Can I help? [^]

Yes, of course you can. If you have:

Contact me [^]

If there's anything you want to say about Clonezilla-SysRescCD, go ahead and send me a message.

Mailing lists [^]

There are two mailing lists available for Clonezilla-SysRescCD:

License [^]

This project is published under the terms of GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.

Credits [^]

I would like to thank:

Special thanks to